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SAP EP is an enterprise portal can be viewed as a means by which an organization tries to web-enable its applications, services, and information to its internal employees as well as its external partners. So, to that extent, enterprise portal software should be able to solve some of the complex challenges that arise out of web-enabling systems.

Good enterprise portal software should solve the challenges arising out of web-enabling systems and applications. To mention just a few examples, the problems could be associated to that of integrating the applications; providing a single sign-on to the end users so that they do not have to remember passwords for different backend applications; providing only the right information to the right user using authentication and authorization methods; ensuring application and network security; increasing usability by using techniques such as role-based personalization; providing content management features; and using KM functionality to integrate unstructured content such as file systems, database systems, and websites.

The SAP NetWeaver Portal is one of the building blocks in making an integrated enterprise a reality. It helps to bring together all the different applications such as SAP applications, customer relationship management (CRM), supply chain management (SCM), product lifecycle management (PLM), (SRM) Supplier relationship Management and so on; various data sources; and even different business organizations. It is a central part of SAPís NetWeaver product strategy.

Our Expertise

System administration:

  1. New implementation: SAP EP 6.0 (Netweaver 2004) and SAP EP 7.0 (Netweaver 2004s)
  2. Installing and configuring Oracle 9i / Oracle 10G
  3. Installing Opatch level for Oracle 10G
  4. Portal Licensing
  5. Configuring the J2EE engine
  6. Configuring the SLD
  7. Configuring UME
  8. Configuring SMD for portal (SMD server and SMD Client)
  9. Upgrading Kernel level, and applying patches
  10. Backup and restore using BRtools
  11. Monitoring User logs, security logs, trace files
  12. Performance tuning
  13. Disabling SAP* user and setting up Super Administration. Set up user groups, user permissions
  14. Installation of SAP Business packages like CRM, SRM, ESS & MSS.
  15. Configuring Web Dispatcher for portal
  16. LDAP Configuration for centralized logon
  17. Configuring Single Sign On (SSO)
  18. Configuring External facing portal
  19. Configuring DMZ for making vendor portal available on Web
  20. Performed installation using Java system copy
  21. Creation of JCO destinations on portal
  22. Configuration of Anonymous access to portal
  23. Configured self registration on portal
  24. Installing and configuring ITS servers on portal for connecting SAP Applications like SAP 4.6, SAP 4.7.
  25. Developed Scripts for monitor Database backup, Archive backup, file system monitoring, instance monitoring, Housekeeping scripts for Applications and Database, and Database monitoring.
  26. Early watch report for portal 6.0

Content Administration:

  1. Developing content and assigning permissions
  2. Developing iviews, pages, workset and Roles.
  3. Custom development for posting System Alert message in portal 6.0/ 7.0
  4. Creating new portal desktop and themes
  5. Working with master rule collections and framework
  6. Modifying a portal theme
  7. Connecting SAP and non-SAP backend system
  8. Creating SAP system for connecting WAS (web application servers) for CRM/BW scenarios
  9. Customizing Portal look and feel
  10. Implementing external facing portal
  11. Configuring Navigation cache, short URL and Light framework page
  12. Setting up anonymous access for anonymous users
  13. Making Hover menu available on portal
  14. Developing custom application for portal using Netweaver developer studio
  15. Developing SAP Application using webdynpro java webdynpro ABAP
  16. Exporting and Importing of portal content and theme from landscape to landscape

User administration:

  1. User creation, modify and deletion.
  2. Lock and unlock on portal
  3. Reset user password and validity extension
  4. Exporting and Import user into batch file
  5. Assign user to groups and roles
  6. Self management
  7. User mapping
  8. Delegated user administration
  9. Enabled company features to make approve or deny the user registered using self registration.
  10. Configuring workflow to trigger mails for any UME actions
  11. Mass upload of user from SAP R/3 systems

Knowledge management & collaboration services:

  1. Configuring Notification process
  2. Creating a Repository and permission
  3. Defining Approval Process
  4. Integrating TREX with KM
  5. Configuring Search Options
  6. Developing and Configuring Discussion forums and subscriptions on portal
  7. Developing quick polls
  8. Developing news forums on portal
  9. Configuration repository management
  10. Configuring collaboration launch Pad (CLP)
  11. Configuring collaboration menu (room member list)
  12. Configuring room life cycle
  13. Creating and maintaining rooms
  14. Room administration , room template, room part
  15. Email configuration on portal and Sending instance message from portal
  16. Configuring Webex for sharing desktop and files on portal



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