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Customer Relationship Management

Business Benefit

SAP CRM is Customer Relationship Management tool delivered by SAP as part of Business Suite , which is a new dimension product.

CRM is of more front end activity as well as user friendly which offers easier integration to other systems


  1. Accelerate marketing processes with increased visibility and control
  2. Identify and retain high-value customers with customer loyalty programs
  3. Establish a standard, streamlined marketing process with a central marketing platform


  1. Maximize profitable revenue growth
  2. Optimize the value delivered with every customer interaction
  3. Increase loyalty with consistent, personalized customer experiences across all touch points


  1. Improve first-contact resolution with on-the-spot information and resources needed to resolve issues
  2. Increase customer retention by providing service employees with the information and tools they need to prevent churn
  3. Drive revenues by offering relevant services and products based on customer insights
  4. Reduce returns by enabling customers to solve their problems and by proactively resolving known product defects

Contact Center

  1. Increase sales and extend market reach by making more relevant offers
  2. Drive customer loyalty and demand through targeted, personalized telemarketing campaigns
  3. Improve customer service by resolving customer issues during the first call
  4. Gain insight into, analyze, and act on contact center operations and trends

E Commerce

  1. Increase sales and extend market reach by making more relevant offers
  2. Reduce the cost of sales and support by delivering consistent and accurate product, pricing, and customer information across all customer touch points

CRM is based on SAP Net Weaver technology and hence provide secured and safe environment to conduct business across internet.

Our Expertise

  1. New implementation CRM7.0
  2. Base Customisation
  3. Account and Contact Management
  4. Activity Management
  5. Opportunity and Lead Management
  6. Marketing Concepts like Planning, Campaign and its Elements, Target Groups
  7. Service Process
  8. Deploy on Enterprise Portal
  9. SAP Catalog Management
  10. Master Data Management
  11. Upgrade CRM 4.0 to CRM7.0
  12. Enhancements and Customizations - BADI, Web Dynpro, BSP extensions


  1. Middleware administration and monitoring and maintaining inbound/outbound queries.
  2. Integrate multiple backend systems like ECC,BW,APO
  3. Master Data Replication & Maintenance
  4. Bdoc Message Analysis, Error Handling and troubleshooting
  5. Downloaded and replicated master data from R/3>>CRM>>CDB
  6. Middleware settings, One-Time Activity & Replication in all environments. .
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