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Business Benefit

SAP DBA administers for Oracle databases running with the SAP System. The database server plays a key role in the SAP server technology. The amount of work involved in managing the Oracle database largely depends on the size and the workload. SAP supplies several database administration tools, BR*Tools, in the standard SAP system package, helping you to manage your Oracle database more easily.

Our Expertise:


  1. Installing and configuring Oracle 9i / Oracle 10G
  2. Planning and preparation for installation
  3. Prerequisite activities and Post installation activities
  4. Installing Opatch level for Oracle 10G
  5. Upgradation and implementation for DG, oracle patches
  6. Backup and restore using BRtools (Backup & Recovery) , RMAN (Recovery Manager),BCV technology
  7. Performance tuning and troubleshooting

Monitoring / Support & Health checkups :

  1. Helped user for access of remote databases.
  2. Helped users to clear locks on session level
  3. Managed user’s security on regular bases.
  4. Creating the required users, and roles for the application.
  5. Involved recovery of database information and maintaining
  6. Automated the schema refresh whose data changes regularly using export / import utility.
  7. Creation / Maintenance of roles, groups as per user category, application use
  8. Process, schema and log maintenance
  9. Auditing in User process, Background process and statements.
  10. Tuning SGA parameters dynamically as per database use / temporarily during problem solving performance testing
  11. Support production /development and testing databases on 24/7 basis
  12. Developed Scripts for monitor Database backup, Archive backup, file system monitoring, instance monitoring, Housekeeping scripts for Applications and Database, and Database monitoring.
  13. Monitoring the standby database for data guard
  14. Monitoring database sessions for all applications

RAC (Real Application Cluster):

  1. RAC (Real Application Cluster) level L1 ,L2 & L3
    1. L1 : Implementing RAC at multi clustering and applied patch, configured host and HA (High Availability Architecture)
    2. L2: Monitoring all RAC databases with OEM (oracle enterprise manager) monitoring tool ,load balancing, application to make a 100% availability, New release family patches apply in existed databases
    3. L3 : monitoring health check the databases with scripts and giving the roles to end users, tns configuration, listener configuration, client installation ,backups maintain with RMAN (full and incremental),etc
  2. Support and maintaining RAC databases


DG (Data guard):

  1. Implemented DG configuration multi standby instances
  2. Monitoring the standby databases In RAC Env
  3. Failover / Switchover
  4. Standby database backup will take backup at standby host
  5. Apply the patches at standby instances if we required
  6. Redo log transfer monitored with scripts
  7. Restoration will take care the DG if its miss any online redo’s script will recover the online redo logs files

HA (High Availability):

  1. Setup the high configuration as per the oracle recommendations
  2. BRtools with RMAN using backups/recovery
  3. OS failover
  4. EMC backups for OS mount points
  5. BCV implementation for other host to replicate the primary database

OEM (Oracle Enterprise Manager):

  1. Monitoring tool for health checkup
  2. Schedule oracle jobs at OEM
  3. Space availability for OS and database
  4. Mail configuring for all jobs
  5. Configure the DG with OEM method and monitoring DG
  6. Backups/restore will schedule with this tool
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