SAP - MS Sharepoint Integration  


SAP Customers can take tremendous investment in SAP by integrating productivity tools alike Microsoft Sharepoint Server.  The structured and highly valued Information stored in SAP is not available to Information Workers in their unstructured context.  It is due to increase in demand from Information Workers to connect two worlds of structured and unstructured information.

Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server make it well within the grasp of SAP customers to integrate SAP assets into core information worker activities within Sharepoint productivity tool.

Features of Sharepoint integration with SAP

  • Extended Business Process (Eg.non 'SAP standard' Quote process in CRM or MM)
  • Content Managment and Enterprise Search
  • Support for Web Services
  • Consume SAP SOA services
  • Personalization
  • Workflow
  • Electronic Form capabilities
  • Business Data Catalog

Atline Capablility

  • Implement MS Sharepoint Server and establish connection with SAP Application Server
  • Configure MS Sharepoint Server to consume SOA Services provided by SAP
  • Configure Metadata file, entities, actions, Application Definitions (xml files) in Sharepoint
  • Configure Business Data Catalog, methods, identifiers, properties, methods so that users can browse data
  • Configure Windows Workflow
  • Develop rich Web application on Sharepoint using ASP .NET Web Part Control Set
  • Configure and develop Forms Services using Microsoft Infopath tool. This provides feature like read/write capabilities through web services with line of business systems like SAP.
  • implement and develop Excel Services (through Web Part - Excel Web Access or through SOAP query - Excel Web Services) which will enable users to render and present SAP data on Excel for analysis
  • Establish Single Sign on
  • Page Redisplay - simply displaying SAP web page (BSP, iView) inside a Sharepoint Server Page
  • Business Intelligence using SAP Data and Excel services which is most powerful requiement


SAP - MS Sharepoint Integration
  SAP - MS Sharepoint Integration  
  Success Story  
  We understand the need for new SAP implementation and our Business Analysts structure the SAP configuration with a future vision for expansion, upgradation, module integration, maintenance cost and support. Our coordinated design will consider the impact on other modules and external systems. We strive to keep the money and time within budget and our success is measured in achieving the targeted time and cost.
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